ONE with customers, partners, and the world,

we refine ideas, blend cultures, and deliver optimal solutions.

The future of container shipping is waiting to be explored, and we’re excited to explore it. As ONE, we absolutely can.


ONE. It’s our name and our purpose.

Together with our customers and partners, we will face every challenge as ONE, to discover and offer optimal solutions.

And, working as ONE with the world, we will continue uniting countries and regions through our activities.

Our unsurpassed belief in the power of ONE drives us.

We blend and refine different ways of thinking, different cultures, and different skills, giving life to a new way of moving the world.

The future of container shipping is waiting to be explored, and we’re excited to explore.

As ONE, we absolutely can.


Jeremy Nixon

ONE (Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd.) is a major new global container shipping company, that comes to market in 2018, and will offer an extensive liner network service portfolio covering over 100 countries internationally. It’s key focus will be on enhanced service and innovation, supported by a highly professional and experienced staff organization with a strong financial balance sheet.

ONE emerged from the legacy of three Japanese liner companies, who historically prided themselves on high level service quality and process excellence. These characteristics, which we highly cherish, are also the founding core principles of ONE. The new company’s global headquarters will be in Singapore, to further enhance its intended strong international trading presence. With a global fleet of over 250 vessels, active participation in all major global trade lanes, deployment of the latest IT systems and an extensive terminal ownership portfolio. ONE positions itself as being “large enough to survive, but still small enough to care”.

The core values of ONE include Quality, Reliability, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction. Built around an organization which prides itself on Teamwork and Best Practice. We thank you for your interest and support to ONE, and look forward to growing our future involvement together over the many years to come.


  • Lean & Agile
    Breaking through conventions to make ideas into reality quickly
  • Teamwork
    Respect individual diversity to build a team that can work together to create new value
  • Best Practice
    Continuing to improve ourselves based on the knowledge cultivated by three shipping companies to deliver the best services
  • Challenge
    Exploiting individual strengths and continuing to meet challenge without fear of failure
  • Quality
    Pursuing the best quality that always exceeds customer expectations
  • Reliability
    Delivering stable, sustainable and professional services
  • Innovation
    Delivering services that contribute to the customer’s business through self innovation and creativity
  • Customer
    Focus on customer needs well and deliver satisfaction that exceeds expectations

ONE Container